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Welcome to the new Eye Doctor Guide, we make it easy to Find An Eye Doctor and learn about your eyes. We are committed to your eye health, well-being and of course, your vision! Launched in 2006, our goals include providing visitors with a great resource of information about everything involving eye care. Whether you want information on eyeglasses, LASIK, contact lenses, refractive surgery, eye diseases or nutrition, you'll find all that here and more. Join us as we continue to add the most up to date information about your vision.

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Tips for Finding An Optometrist
Not sure what those credentials mean? Use our handy guide below to help determine the best caregiver for your eye care:

  • Optometrist - An OD can prescribe basic ophthalmic medications and help recommend prescriptive lenses for routine vision and health problems. Most optometrists also assist with pre and postoperative eye care. An OD has four years of post-graduate training at a qualified institution.

  • Ophthalmologist - An ophthalmologist is an MD trained in working specifically with the eye and eye related disease. An MD is a good choice for treating diseases of the eye and for performing eye surgery. They may also perform routine eye exams and prescribe medication when appropriate. Like an OD and MD is also qualified to prescribe corrective lenses when necessary.

  • Retinal Specialist - This is an eye doctor (MD) that specializes in laser and surgical treatment of diseases related to the retina. Many concentrate on treating patients with diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment.

  • Optician - An optician isn't a doctor but does need to complete certain training and may have a license in eye care. Many states require opticians be certified so they can fit contact lenses. Most will sell and help you fit your eyeglasses or other eyewear including contact lenses. They will not however, prescribe corrective lenses.

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We hope that the eye care and vision related information on this website will help you make better more informed decisions. Whether it be Eye glasses, contact lenses, safety glasses, or laser eye surgery we will be looking to provide some great information on these important topics.

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