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Elizabeth Taylor violet eyes With Your Violet Eyes...
Does it really exist? Yes, have a look at all the examples in the comments at the end of this article. Is it rare? Yes. Is there considerable debate about Violet eyes? Yes!

Alexandria's Genesis is a supposed genetic mutation known for producing the breath-taking violet eye. When someone is born with black or grey eyes the majority will develop blue, green or brown eyes which become evident around six months of age. In the reported case of Alexandria's Genesis, the eyes will appear as pale silver to light purple, or Violet Eyes as the condition is also known. As the child grows into puberty, the eyes change to a deep purple, a dark purple or a violet-blue and remain as such for their lifetime. This change does not affect the vision of the child in fact, those with Alexandria's Genesis are said to have 20/20 vision throughout their entire lifespan.

The Science Behind Violet Eyes
Some research has been done on Alexandria's Genesis and the subject remains highly debated. With scientist claiming the mutation can be traced back thousands of years and originating in Egypt. Although there is no definitive proof of the mutation going back quite that far, the first case is said to have been recorded in the 1300's. There are other traits associated with this anomaly that are questionable at best. Shimmering white skin that is impervious to injury or of sustaining a burn or tan. No change in weight once fully-developed. No gain but with a tendency for weight-loss due to a super-charged metabolism. This is a rare gene mutation, truly. No menstrual cycles for women, yet they remain fertile, 20/20 vision throughout their lifespan, well-developed and proportioned bodies, strong immune systems with little or no sickness. Children born of a mother with the mutation will be carriers or fully develop the mutation themselves and finally, the most debatable trait is that of no use of the human digestive tract. That's right, no excretion of wastes. Clearly this last trait is not realistic according to human physiology and if it were it would lead to extreme toxicity of the blood and finally, death. Certainly, there is not enough thorough evidence or scientific research to back any of the claims although many are humanly possible but highly unlikely.

It is possible and some cultures do have members with highly active immune systems which serve a purpose according the environmental factors surrounding them. It is possible to have white shimmery skin although this occurs mainly in the mutation that causes the albino anomaly and their skin is highly susceptible to burns and bruising. Other than that, there are no recordings going back several centuries of any one having white, shimmering, and impervious skin. Sorry. So what is left is the Violet Eyes. These of course are real and do exist and a scientist actually did discover a gene mutation in the 1960's that causes this. That and the fact that Elizabeth Taylor clearly had Violet Eyes and there are children today that have Alexandria's Genesis.

Born With Violet EyesAlexandria's Genesis: Myth and Misconception
Over thousands of years ago, on a dark and quiet moonless night, the people of Egypt where in their households and getting ready for bed when an astonishing, bright, white light invaded the atmosphere and infiltrated the homesteads of the peaceful Egyptians. Everyone who went outside to see, looked up and instantly their eyes turned purple and their skin became an iridescent, white From that time forward those who had seen the light where referred to as the "Spirit People."

It seemed at first no one noticed but as time went on the townspeople begin to notice and shun those that had been effected. Soon the "Spirit People" began to lose jobs and were unable to trade in the marketplace. The "Spirit People" banned together and left the village and headed to the Northern regions of Europe. They disappeared without a trace until 1329.

Alexandria Augustine, 1329 Common Era (CE)
Alexandria Augustine came into this world on April 29, 1329. Her parents loved her deeply and she was never without attention. She was born with blue eyes. However, on her first birthday her mother noticed a distinct change to a high-violet color, strikingly beautiful but not the blue eyes her mother was familiar with. Frightened for her child, she immediately set out to find the village priest. Her mother was certain a witch had placed a spell on her and marked her for some mischievous deed. The priest was quick to point out the rarity of Violet Eyes and quickly renamed the anomaly Alexandria's Genesis, giving a nod to the reappearance of the condition since the Egyptian era with the disappearance of the "Spirit People." He told Alexandria's mother that this was no curse but rather a gift' and to watch over and care for her because she was a special child. The culture of the time dictated that anyone with an unusual trait would be suspect as a witch and done away with, this was the concern of Alexandria's mother, however the child was already beloved by the townspeople and her high-violet eyes where viewed only as the true gift that they were.

Famous Celebrities with Violet Eyes
violet eyes You will find that when you mention Violet Eyes and celebrities, the first name mentioned will be Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor's eye color has been questioned and debated all through her acting career and lifetime. One of the issues debated was whether or not Elizabeth was wearing colored contact lenses. During her film in which she won an award for, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, and Cleopatra in 1963, her eyes were especially evident as a deep violet hue. The debate was whether or not she was wearing contact lenses that created the effect. However, the advent of colored contact lenses was a technology that came much later in 1983. So the debate was settled with the conclusion that she, indeed, did have naturally occurring violet eyes!

Makeup Tips for Violet Eyes
If you are wearing violet contact lenses or have naturally occurring violet eyes, you will want to accentuate them by choosing the most complementary colors. Knowing your undertones and what dominant color your eyes are will help you decide. Some people with violet eyes have gold flecks in the iris, some have blue flecks. If you have gold flecks as an undertone, use a golden or brown shadow and a dark brown eye shadow paired with a dark brown or black eyeliner. This combination will make the color of your eyes pop and will hold anyone who views them captive. If your eyes have an undertone that is blue or green, use a purple shadow, any variant in this color hue will do, and pair the shadow with black eyeliner for a Wow effect that is sure to spark complements and conversations. You have a beautiful eye color so be sure not to overdo it and take away from their natural beauty. violet eye color

Common Violet Eye Diseases
Violet eyes are no different than other low or no melanin eye colors such as blue or green or albino eyes when it comes to diseases of the eye. However, due to the inability to handle extremely bright light, retinal detachment is always a concern but is handled through the simple wearing of sunglasses. The lack of the UV protectant melanin, the iris is more prone to cancers of the eye and iris. Maintaining regular visits to the optometrist can keep these conditions in check and the eyes healthy.

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