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Contact Lenses Trends Have you been an eyeglass wearing fan for years? You may find recent developments in the contact lenses industry start changing your views (literally!). Contact lenses manufacturers have consistently worked to improve their products and offer consumers increasingly new and dynamic eye care choices.

Contact lens quality used to be poor or shoddy at best. However today's modern contact lenses are quite improved. There are various offerings in the realm of contact lenses available for today's consumer. Here is a brief run down of some of the more common contact lenses trends.

30-day Wear
A new version of contact lenses now allows wearers to wear contact lenses in the morning, noon and night for 30 days. Wearers can put in these lenses and forget about them for up to 30 days. These new lenses are an great improvement for those used to wearing contact lenses at most for an 8 to 10 hour stretch.

Most contact lenses have to be taken out after a certain period of time, as wearing them for too long can promote irritation of the eye, inflammation and bacterial infections. 30-day lenses are considered the next "generation" of lenses. Made from varying materials including silicone hydrogel these lenses have "higher oxygen permeability." This means they allow more oxygen to pass through the lens, making longer wear safer.

There are disadvantages however to these newer lenses. If for example you work in an environment that is excessively dusty or smoky you may find that small particles accumulate on your lenses and inhibit proper vision.

Disposable Contacts
Yet another option is disposable contacts. These lenses generally take less than a minute to put in and can be tossed after a days wear. While this may seem a waste, these lenses actually are perfect for correcting minor vision problems and relatively inexpensive. The biggest advantage is you will not have to chronically clean them. Among the more commonly reported benefits of these lenses include:

  • Hassle free - you don't have to clean and each lens is sterile the moment you put it in.
  • No storage required - aside from the box the lenses come in you don't have to carry around extra storage containers or cleaning solution.
  • Build up free - these lenses do not enable protein build up.
  • Allergy free - most people with allergies find these lenses an ideal alternative to traditional lenses.

Color Contacts
Color contacts are among the most popular contact lenses on the market today. If you need to wear corrective lenses, you can now do so in style, but these lenses can also be worn even if you have perfect vision. Color lenses provide wearers the unique ability to change their eye color at a moment's notice and provide a vivid and natural look. You can buy color lenses that enhance your eye color or lenses that change your eye color entirely, whether your eyes are dark or light in color.

You can usually buy color lenses as disposable lenses. You can also buy color lenses that come with a variety of enhancement features that may include adding extra sparkle to the eyes, patterns like animal print or interesting shapes.

For those that complain of dry eyes or discomfort when wearing contact there is a new form of contacts called silicon-hydrogel contacts. These contacts help promote greater comfort by providing a rich, moisturizing agent to the eye. The lens is generally offered as a weekly disposable that patients can opt to leave in overnight.

As you can see the number of contact lenses choices are as many and varied as the number of vision problems that currently affect consumers. So if you haven't already take some time to enjoy and explore the many diverse offerings on the market today!

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