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Decorative Plano Contact Lenses

Decorative Plano Contact Lenses

When most people think of contact lenses they think of the type of lenses that are used to correct vision; however, these are not the only type of contact lenses available. Many people use non-corrective contacts, or decorative plano contact lenses, to change the appearance of their eyes. Although these lenses do not improve vision, they can be a fun way to change the way that you look. Remember that wearing these plano lenses does carry many of the same risks as wearing corrective contacts. Let’s learn more about non-corrective contacts and their associated risks.

What Are Plano Contacts?

Plano contacts are non-corrective contact lenses. They do not improve vision, but are typically used for cosmetic purposes. Some people wear these lenses to change their eye color from one color to another. For example a person might wear a pair of plano contacts if they want their blue eyes to appear green or brown. Plano contacts are also available to make the eye look strange for a holiday like Halloween or another special occasion.

What Are the Risks of Using Decorative Contact Lenses?

There are some very serious risks associated with using plano contact lenses. For this reason it is important to be very aware of the risks before using this product. Any risk associated with traditional, vision correcting contacts can occur when using fashion contacts. The eye can become scratched resulting in a condition known as corneal abrasion. You may have an allergic reaction which can make your eyes itchy or watery. They can cause infection, vision loss and in some cases blindness. If you notice redness in the eye, pain that does not quickly go away or a decrease in vision loss you should contact your doctor immediately as this may be a sign of infection.

How Can You Reduce the Risk Associated with Decorative Contact Lenses?

Decorative contact lenses will always carry some risk, but there are ways to reduce this risk. Make sure that you always get your contact lenses from a doctor, even decorative lenses. This is important in ensuring that the lenses you are using are safe and monitored by the FDA. You can get a prescription for fashion contacts from an eye doctor. Don’t ever buy contacts from a street vendor, beauty store or unauthorized retailer. You should also avoid sharing your contact lenses and only use lenses that were prescribed specifically for you.

It is also important to properly use, clean and store your lenses. Make sure that you ask your doctor about proper care when using contacts. Always wash your hands before applying your contacts. Contacts need to be properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. They should also be discarded periodically. Don’t try to use contacts for a longer period than recommended.

Where Can You Buy Plano Contacts?

Once you have a prescription for your decorative contacts you will need to find a retailer that sells them. Make sure that you buy lenses that have been FDA approved. You can typically find FDA approved lenses for sale at your doctor’s office. They may also be available online or through a mail order catalog. Remember that all FDA approved contacts require a valid prescription. The company that you purchase from will need to verify your prescription and should ask for your doctor’s contact information. If you don’t know where to buy FDA approved lenses, ask your doctor. They should be able to direct you to a reputable FDA approved retailer.

Using decorative, or plano, contact lenses without a prescription can lead to blindness and other serious complications. It isn’t worth the risk. Decorative contacts can be fun, but should be used properly. If you want to use fashion contacts make sure that you schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. FDA approved contacts are only available with a prescription. Once you have these contacts, use them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and your doctor’s recommendations. Remember that it is very important to keep your contacts clean. Using contacts does carry risk, so be careful.

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