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Think contact lenses are too expensive to invest in? Think again! Today contact lens wearers can rejoice... lenses offer more diverse options and are more affordable than ever.

While many consumers still rely on traditional means (AKA the eye doctor) for fulfilling their prescription lens needs, modern technology has offered contact lenses wearers convenient new options...

Buying Lenses Online
The best way to save money when buying contact lenses is by buying online. The Federal Trade Commission recently reported that consumers can save bundles by ordering online... and even enjoy greater selection! Millions of consumers now prefer contact lenses to traditional eyeglasses. Fortunately this trend has been supported by contact lens distributors who are increasingly offering their products online.

Online providers are often able to buy bulk quantities of brand name contact lenses, enabling them to offer exceptional prices without compromising quality. Part of this trend has been spurned by new legislation that has required ophthalmologists to provide patients a copy f their prescription after an eye exam. Because of this consumers can now take their prescription to an online provider and order any type of lens they need, whether disposable, color corrective or otherwise.

New lenses including soft contact lenses are less expensive than traditional lenses and offer consumers more convenience.

When buying online, there are some tips you can follow to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Consider the following to ensure you buy contact lenses safely (and affordably!) when shopping online:

  1. Always comparison shop. Look for the best prices. You will find multiple brands of contact lenses available on-line. Look for a lens that fulfills your prescription needs and then compare prices. Find out which merchants offer the best price for your product.
  2. Consider the full price of the product. This will include shipping. You may find an online merchant offers an exceptional price on lenses but makes up for it in shipping expenses. Comparison shop so you can also find the best shipping price. Look for free shipping if possible, or cheaper discounts for buying in bulk.
  3. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. How can you tell? Make sure they provide a contact number and address, customer service options and hours. You'll need to be able to get in touch with someone in case something is wrong with your order. Also check out their return policies so if you do have any problems you won't have trouble returning the product.
  4. Consider buying contacts along with glasses. Some retailers will offer you a discount for trying out contacts the next time you get your prescription eyeglasses filled.

When shopping online, you can also look for special deals. Many providers for example, offer rebates or "buy one get one free" offers. Look for retailers that offer coupons as well. There are many online retailers that allow you to print coupons from the web. Some sites also offer a rebate if you buy a year's supply of contact from them. Examples include merchants selling Biomedics, Acuvue, Optimedics and more.

After buying your lenses, be sure to inspect them and make sure they are intact and meet your prescription needs. If you are satisfied with your service, some online retailers will offer you a discount as a returning customer, so keep this in mind when shopping next time for your contact lenses.

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