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Disposable Contact Lenses: Are They Right For You?

Disposable Contact Lenses Disposable contact lenses have been around since the late 1980s. Are they right for you? Disposable lenses are today, among the most popular contact lenses. Many lens wearers prefer them because of the convenience and affordability they offer. Not sure if disposables are you? Read on to find out more about these unique lenses.

Types of Disposable Contacts
There are many different types of disposable lenses. By name, you can assume disposable lenses are... disposable. Yes, that means you can throw them away. While this seems wasteful, it is actually very practical and convenient, at least when it comes to cleaning your contact lenses.

You can replace disposable lenses on a routine schedule depending on the type of lens you buy. Disposable lenses generally qualify as those you need to replace roughly every two weeks, though there are other lenses people call disposable that have varying cleaning schedules.

There are other replaceable lenses some people refer to as "disposable" lenses. These include frequent replacement lenses, which need to be replaced about once a month or once every couple of months.

Reusable lenses are those you need to replace every six months, though people sometimes refer to these as disposable lenses as well.

It is important you understand the difference between frequent replacement, reusable and disposable lenses so you know how often you have to replace your contact lenses. Remember true disposable lenses need to be replaced once every two weeks or sooner.

Some other terms you may find interesting include:

  • Extended wear - This refers to lenses you can wear while sleeping.
  • Daily wear - Lenses you wear daily but must remove each night before bed.
  • Replacement schedule - How often you need to replace and discard your lenses.
  • Daily disposables - Contact lenses you wear and replace daily.

Care For Disposable Lenses
It is important you replace disposable lenses frequently. This helps promote your eye health and makes wearing contact lenses a lot more comfortable. With time substances including proteins and lipids may build up on your contact lenses, reducing the quality of your vision. These deposits are natural side effects of daily wear, and usually result from tearing in your eyes.

The more deposit build up on your contacts however, the more prone you are to infection. While many people prefer traditional lenses, traditional lenses require more frequent sterilization and cleaning because of build up. This is one of the biggest advantages of disposable lenses. You don't have to worry about removing build up. You simply throw out your lenses and use a new pair when they are too "dirty."

Many consumers prefer daily disposables because they never have to worry about build up. These lenses are a healthy and convenient alternative to washing other contact lenses. While you can't sleep in daily lenses, they help reduce the risk of eye infection associated with build up and sleeping in contact lenses.

Will Disposables Offer The Same Vision Correction As Regular Lenses?
Disposable lenses are just as beneficial for your eyesight's as regular lenses. New technology allows manufactures to provide consumers with the highest quality lenses inexpensively. Most disposable lenses are crafted of materials similar to traditional lenses. They provide the same vision correction capability as regular lenses in most cases.

Benefits of Disposable Lenses
Aside from providing a healthier alternative to traditional lenses, disposables cost almost the same as traditional lenses. Many find disposable lenses are in fact, more affordable than traditional lenses because they don't have to pay for cleaning products and daily care of lenses.

Disposable contact lenses are also available to correct almost any vision problem today, even astigmatism. Some people opt for disposables as a fun way of simply changing their eye color, whether or not they need prescription lenses. Not sure whether disposables are for you? Ask your eye doctor today. Most people will find they can wear disposables just as easily as they can glasses or traditional lenses.

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