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Special Effects Contacts Special Effects Contact Lenses All The Rage
Are you interested in changing the appearance of your eyes whether you have vision problems or not? You may be interested in special effects contact lenses. Special effects contact lenses are all the rage among consumers looking to enhance their appeal. One of the benefits of special effects contact lenses is that anyone can use them. You won't need a prescription from an eye doctor to buy them.

Special effects lenses comprise a wide range of unusual contact lenses. Some samples of more common offerings include:

  • Glow in the dark contact lenses
  • Black contact lenses
  • Heart shaped contact lenses
  • Lizard contact lenses
  • Cat eyes contact lenses
  • Flower or fleck contact lenses
  • Star contact lenses
You can also buy special effects contact lenses in multiple colors and change your eye color to match your outfit, mood or personality for the day. Most people find special effect contact lenses a fun way to change their appearance with minimal investment. Even better. Special effects lenses provide a temporary change. Unlike a surgical change to the eye, you can easily undo any change resulting from special effects lenses simply by removing them.

The New Custom Color Contacts
More and more professional eye care companies are offering custom contact lenses for people that want to spice up their appearance. Many custom effects lenses come with an assortment of unusual features including laminated lenses. There is virtually nothing you can't request these days thanks to new special effect lenses. Most custom lenses are very affordable. In fact many are disposable and come in all manner of colors, shapes, details and designs.

You can also purchase special effects lenses that include your prescription so you can not only enjoy a pair of unusual lenses but also see well if you have vision problems. Most of the lenses distributed are processed and computer generated using various tinting techniques.

Most companies will request you have a full eye exam before ordering custom contact lenses. Contact lenses come in different sizes, so you will need a lens fitting and a prescription even if you have perfect vision. Your eye doctor will also make sure that your eyes are healthy enough to tolerate contacts.

Many custom contact lenses do nothing more than alter or enhance your natural eye color. The next time you look at someone with a spectacular set of colored peeps, you might question whether they were born with their color or whether they are using custom color lenses. Chances are the more vibrant their eye color the more likely they are to use custom color lenses.

Most custom color lenses come in disposable contact lens formats. Keep in mind if you plan to use custom lenses you will still need to keep your eyes healthy by keeping lenses clean and sterilized. Just as you would keep ordinary contact lenses clean and free from debris, so too would you care very carefully for a custom color or special effects lenses.

The actual effects you realize from special effects lenses may vary depending on your natural eye color and skin tone. "Green" on one person for example may look very different from "green" on another. Generally people with naturally darker eyes will have different and sometimes more subtle effects than those with lighter color eyes.

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