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A Few Eye Stretching Techniques

A Few Eye Stretching Techniques

Your body gets tired after a long day at work and so do your eyes. Stretches are a great way to get your body feeling better. Many people do not know that you can also stretch the eyes. Here is some more information about eye stretches and some simple stretching exercises that you can try today.

Why Are Eye Stretches Needed?

Your body needs rest and recovery to avoid being injured by repetitive tasks. In fact it is recommended that people take a 10 minute break to stretch and recover for every hour they work. This isnít always possible, but you can always find a few minutes to spare. Eye stretches are quick and easy. When you take time to stretch your eyes you can reduce eye strain which will make it easier, and more comfortable, to use your computer screen at work for long periods of time.

A Few Eye Stretching Techniques

There are many different ways to stretch the eye. Here are a few to get you started. If you need more ideas, ask your doctor. Just like any stretching exercise, a little goes a long way. You donít have to stretch your eyes for long periods of time for the stretching to be effective.

Warm Up and Relax

Eye stretching will work best when you are relaxed. Before stretching, take a few minutes to rest your eyes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for several seconds. This will remoisten your eyes which is important as people generally blink less frequently when using the computer.

Lens Focusing Stretch

One way to relieve eye strain is to work the muscles that focus the lens inside of your eye. This can be accomplished by having your eye focus on objects at different distances from the eye. Hold your finger in front of your fact and focus on it at different distances. Focus on your finger near your face and then focus on your finger far from your face. Repeat a few times. After you finish this stretch take a few long blinks to refresh the eyes. The great thing about this stretch is that it is easy to do anywhere. You always have your finger with you and can do this stretch while sitting at a desk, while riding in an elevator or when taking a quick break. This is an easy way to rejuvenate your eyes and to relieve eyestrain.

Up and Down Eye Movement

This exercise will help strengthen the muscles that move the eye. It is best completed while sitting down. Hold your head still in a forward facing, neutral position. Then move your eyes upward. Focus on something. Wait a second or two and move your eyes downward and refocus. Repeat this exercise several times. This exercise can easily be completed while sitting at a desk without anyone even knowing that you are taking a break. It can be completed quickly and is very easy to do.

Side to Side Stretch

This eye stretch is also very easy to do while sitting at a desk. Move your eyes and look to the top corner of your visual field. Wait a few seconds. Then you should move your eyes to the bottom corner of your visual field (on the opposite side). Wait a few seconds and then complete this stretch again using the other corners of the eye. For example you will start by looking up and to the right and then will move your eyes down and to the left. Next you will look up and to the left and move your eyes down and to the right. Basically you are making ďXĒ shaped movements with your eye. Taking time to rest and rejuvenate your eyes is always important, but especially so if you are sitting at a computer for a long period of time. Try to stretch your eyes at least once each day, more often if you are feeling the effects of eye strain. These stretches only take a few minutes but can really improve your ability to see and work comfortably.

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