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The EyeXam iPhone App - An Eye Exam at Home?

EyeXam iPhone app tests your vision
Image: iTunes App Store

What is EyeXam?
First launched in May 2010, EyeXam is a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which was developed by two optometrists after extensive research. The application, which includes several different vision tests, was an instant hit, downloaded more than 100,000 times within the very first month of its launch, and to date remains the second-most downloaded free iPhone medical app.

What can you do with EyeXam?

Additional benefits
Saves money: The software application is completely free and you can download it directly from Apple's iTunes store.

Saves time: As all of the tests / checks included in the software are self-guided and are done on your own iPhone, it helps you save a lot of time and also facilitates early diagnosis of any abnormal eye or vision related problem.

Ease of use: The EyeXam application is self-guided and simple to use for anyone who knows how to use the Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Eye health benefits: The best usage and benefit of the EyeXam software is its ability to help you find, check and detect various eye abnormalities and conditions which you would not even notice, otherwise.

A word of caution!
EyeXam does not and cannot replace a detailed, comprehensive medical / clinical eye examination done by a qualified medical professional. Being an excellent educational tool, however, it can alert you promptly about a number of possible conditions that might be affecting your vision, or eyes in general, so that you know to seek medical advice.

In short, EyeXam is handy, easy-to-use yet very powerful tool that enables you to test your vision, visual acuity, color vision and also detect a variety of eye conditions such as astigmatism, blind spots and abnormal turning of the eyes in the privacy of your own home. Best of all, it's free and it's fun!

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