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Indiegogo Campaign for Icis Glasses

Indiegogo Campaign for Icis GlassesDo you dream of someday owning a pair of smart glasses, but worry that your need for prescription glasses will hinder your ability to wear the latest technology? Worry no more. The new LAFORGE Icis prescription smart glasses are currently in development, fusing prescription lenses with smart glasses technology all in attractive fashion frames. If you want to be sure these glasses come to production or want to be one of the first ones to own a pair, check out their Indiegogo campaign and help make smart glass history.

The support already shown for these glasses in just a few days has been phenomenal; some contributor reward categories have already been filled.

What Are LAFORGE Smart Glasses?
Available with both prescription and non-prescription lenses, the LAFORGE Smart Glasses are prescription eye glasses that display smart phone notifications (like social media updates) right before your eyes. These connected glasses make it easy to stay up to date with your phone without having to constantly pull it out of your pocket. A smartphone and the glasses sync together using Bluetooth technology.

Updates are planned for the system that will enable users to choose which apps are displayed. App developers may also create widgets for their programs, allowing users more customized access to their favorite programs. The Icis smart glasses can also take photos and record video. App developers wanting to create specialized widgets for the glasses can purchase a development license and board for $100 through the Indiegogo campaign.

The Indiegogo Campaign
To make the Icis smart glasses a reality, the developers have turned to Indiegogo to generate the needed funds to create the initial glasses. Interested parties can donate to the cause in exchange for perks like an early or specialized pair of the glasses. The campaign is running for just over a month and hopes to raise at least $80,000. In just the first few days of the campaign more than $35,000 has been raised.

Spots are filling up quickly. The initial 50 spots for Icis Bold Glasses were gone in the first few days of the Indiegogo campaign.

Unlike some Indiegogo campaigns, the one chosen for Icis smart glasses is a flexible funding campaign which means that the campaign will receive their money even if the full funding goal isn’t met.

What Do Contributors Get?
Contributors to the Indiegogo campaign not only help get the product into production, they also have the opportunity to get great perks. Glasses start at $320 and go up depending the model desired. Glasses include glasses customized to your face and vision needs. For $720 contributors will receive an exclusive Indiegogo design available only to early contributors. For $820 contributors can get early access to the glasses, becoming early beta users (and receiving a pre-production pair) and receiving a later pair once the design and platform is further reformed.

How Do the Glasses Work?
The Icis glasses focus on fixing a problem they felt was very present in the smart glasses market. According to their Indiegogo campaign, “For far too long wearable technology has been either very clunky or too futuristic. This paradigm does not bode well for the user when such a device is centered on their face. That standard will change with this campaign. We have designed Icis™ with you, the user, in mind.”

The line of glasses seeks to create a vast array of stylish smart glasses options, ones that compliment various face shapes, styles and personalities, as well as prescription glasses needs. Optics are combined in to the lenses and looks more like conventional eye wear than specialized smart glasses. The glasses are very balanced and should have about 6 hours of battery life (lower with extensive camera use).

The LAFORGE Icis glasses will support Windows Phone, IOS and Android devices. The screen is found in the temples of the glasses. For safety reasons it will not extend across the full lens.

To learn more about the Icis glasses visit their Indiegogo campaign website or their official company website. You can also see a YouTube video created to further explain the glasses and their functionality.

Would you like to try a pair of these new smart glasses? What are the most important features in a pair of smart glasses to you?

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