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Aspheric Lenses - Slimmer Eyeglasses with Improved Optics

Aspheric Lenses Glasses What are aspheric lenses?
The surface of a conventional eyeglasses lens has a uniform spherical shape, like a ball. Aspheric lenses are more complex, with curvature that changes from the center outwards. This gives the lens a flatter shape overall.

Most aspheric lenses are also high-index lenses. Lenses made of high-index materials are thinner and lighter than their conventional counterparts.

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There are a number of reasons, both practical and cosmetic, to consider aspheric lenses. First and foremost, the curvature of aspheric lenses provides better vision with less distortion, compared to traditional lenses, giving the wearer better peripheral vision. It also allows the wearer to see objects more true-to-size. Conventional strongly myopic lenses can make objects appear smaller and further away, while strong lenses for farsightedness have the opposite effect.

Aspheric lenses are thinner and less bulgy than standard lenses. This difference is especially noticeable when the patient has a strongly farsighted prescription. Glasses with aspheric lenses also fit closer to the wearer's face.

When seen behind aspheric lenses, your eyes will look more natural to the outside world compared to traditional lenses. This is especially noticeable with stronger prescriptions, which often cause the wearer's eyes to look abnormally large or small.

Buying aspheric lenses
If you are interested in purchasing aspheric lenses, your optician will need to take more precise measurements than for standard lenses. Aspheric lenses will also cost a bit more than conventional lenses.

It is important to keep in mind that some frames are more suited to aspheric lenses than others. Your optician can help you choose the frames best suited for your prescription.

An important option to consider when buying aspheric lenses is anti-reflective (AR) coating. Because of their curvature and position on the face, aspheric lenses cause more reflections than conventional lenses. This can be very distracting, especially during certain tasks, such as driving at night. AR coating dramatically reduces these reflections, allowing for much better vision.

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