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Buy Eyeglass Online - Easy Tips and Tricks

Buying Glasses Online Modern Technology Affords Online Shoppers New Eyeglasses Opportunities
I always thought it was impossible to buy eyeglass frames online. You do after all have to spend hours and hours trying on different pairs of glasses right? Not necessarily...

Believe it or not, modern technology has made online eyeglass shopping very easy. In fact, I prefer shopping for specs online. Part of the reason is you have a lot more variety to select from. For example, you can peruse some of the big name designers and retailers with the click of a button, without having to go from shop to shop. Some of my favorites include:

  • Cazal Eyeglasses
  • Burberry
  • Calvin Klein
  • Coach
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Fendi Eyeglasses
  • Flexon
  • Gucci Eyeglasses
  • Guess Eyeglasses
  • Nicole Miller
  • Polo Eyeglasses
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Takumi
Of course, this is but a small sample of the many designers online. There are many more including Valentino, Vera Wan, Armani... you get the picture. Whether you are a LaFont Eyeglasses fan or a Nike Eyeglasses enthusiast, you are bound to find what you like and then some when shopping online.

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Tips For Buying Glasses Online
So how do you buy the best pair of eyeglasses online? You know, the pair that fits, looks great, complements your personality...

Here are some suggestions for making shopping online a breeze.

  1. First, decide whether you prefer plastic or metal frames.

  2. Decide the type of lens you prefer. There are many different lenses and coatings to select from. For example, you can choose from polycarbonate or high-index lenses, or opt for regular plastic lenses (the least expensive choice).

  3. Write down any coatings you may want. Examples include ultraviolet coating to help shield your eyes from UV rays, or anti-reflective coating so your glasses don't produce a reflection. You can also select tint if you prefer.

  4. Select the distance between your pupils or PD. This is actually difficult to do. Fortunately when shopping online most retailers will provide you methods for uncovering your PD. The easiest way to o this is simply have your eye doctor or optician measure it for you when writing your prescription. They you can just supply this number when ordering your eyeglasses online.
Once you have all of this information in hand you are ready to start shopping. When shopping keep in mind web companies return or refund policies. You don't want to get stuck with a pair of glasses you hate if something goes wrong. Make sure you review a company's return and exchange policy before buying, so you do have choices available to you if it turns out you don't like the eyeglasses you buy online.

Advantages of Shopping for Specs Online
There are many advantages of shopping for eyeglasses online. For one, shopping online is convenient and easy. That is of course, provided you've done some preplanning, including following the steps outlined above. Remember, you'll want to have your prescription handy as well so the online retailer has everything they need to craft your lenses.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of shopping online for eyeglasses is the price cut you will realize. Many online retailers offer bargains that traditional retailers can't match or meet. Just make sure when taking advantage of an online bargain you comparison shop and read the fine print. You want to make sure you are getting a true good deal.

There are some online retailers that allow you to try on eyeglasses before buying using a virtual reality type tool. This is a fun alternative to trying on glasses for real and may help you during your selection process. Some consumers prefer to visit a retail outlet, find a couple of designers and styles they like, and then shop online to save time and money.

Remember, ultimately shopping for eyeglasses is an individual process. If you haven't tried online shopping before, you may find a new hobby when you buy eyeglasses online!

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