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Eyeglasses Frames For those that wear eyeglasses for vision correction, the style, type and feel of their eyeglasses is extremely important. These days when it comes to selecting eyeglass frames, the possibilities are endless. There are frames to match almost any unique style, preference, personality and need, want or desire. When buying eyeglasses, you have a right to be picky. The type of eyeglass frames you buy say as much about your personality and preferences as your demeanor, gestures and inflections.

Many people who wear eye glasses frames will tell you they spend at times, hours on end looking for the perfect pair of eyeglasses. And why not? When you select just the right pair of eyeglasses, you can truly complement your best features, including your peepers. Buy the wrong pair of eyeglass frames however, and you may find yourself walking around miserably. So when it comes to buying your eyeglass frames, the moral of the story is you should take your time. Get to the eye doctor ahead of time and take some time to select the best frames. And by all means, take someone with you. You will find on more than one occasion you have a hard time deciding between various frames.

Let's talk a bit more about the eyeglass frame buying and wearing phenomena (and while that may seem a bit extreme, wearing eyeglasses and selecting the best frames really is an event, or phenomenon if you will).

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Latest Trends For Eye Glasses Frames
Many consider their eyeglass frames among the more important features of their wardrobe. As such it helps to keep updated with the latest trends in eyewear. While you won't have to replace your eyeglass frames daily, many people prefer having a couple of pair of eyeglass frames on hand so they can match or coordinate their frames to their outerwear. Much like the right hat or color blouse may complement your attire, so too might the right pair of frames.

When selecting eyeglass frames most consumers take great care to ensure they select frames that match their unique features and personality. Buy a pair of frames that are too large and they'll drown out your face. Buy a pair that are too narrow and you may appear too geeky.

Many consider the act of buying eyeglass frames a true "art" and this is certainly reflected in recent trends and developments in the eyeglasses industry. As eyeglasses continue to compete against newer and more convenient forms of contact lenses and LASIK procedures, manufacturers are continuing to develop new and interesting products to stimulate consumer purchases.

When it comes to eyeglass trends however, keep in mind that some trends are timeless. You don't necessarily want to spend hundreds of dollars on frames that will stay in style for a month or two (unless maybe, you are Paris Hilton). Try looking for frames that are timeless, classic and fashionable, but still complement your features and your preferences in the best way possible. Remember, trendy eyeglass frames are helpful, but what's more important is you select frames you personally are comfortable with, regardless of what others may think of your selection.

Eyeglass Frames Choices and Selection
When it comes to frames you have many options available to you. In fact, today you can select from plastic frames to titanium frames to diamond plated frames and more. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to your eyeglass frames. You can buy designer labels, sporty frames, sunshades, professional spectacles and more. The type of frame you purchase will ultimately influence your purchase price. Most frames range in price from $40 on up to hundreds of dollars. There are fancy titanium frames and relatively simple plastic frames crafted for durability and purpose.

Some of the more well selling brands of eyeglass frames in recent years include:

  • Gucci
  • Vintage
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Calvin Klein
  • Modo
  • Versace
  • Giorgio Armani
There are also multiple categories of frames to consider. Some come with oval frames, other rectangular, still others round and the latest trends, which include rimless frames and titanium frames. There are also multiple unique offerings including casa crystals frames, vintage frames and monocles.

For those less selective about their eyewear, they can purchase generic reading glasses or frames for under $100. For the sports conscious there are durable frames fitted with all the accessories of a modern elite athlete. You can buy clip-ons for your frames or by sunglasses frames to complement your daily glasses. Manufacturers are even providing unique children's frames that include various themes including: marvel comics, paddington bear and X-men. Goggles are available for avid hikers or those prone to the occasional "accident."

Of even more interest are flexible frames, the perfect choice for busy parents whose children may get hold of a pair of eyeglasses inadvertently and "bend" them. Featherweight frames are also increasingly in popularity as consumers seek out more lightweight selections for every day wear. You may decide to buy a pair of eyeglasses to match a specific outfit, your hair color, your mood or your personality.

Regardless of the type of eyeglasses frames you select, it is important you fit them with proper lenses. Your eye care professional can help you select a pair of frames that not only complement your features, but will also complemented your hand crafted lenses. Just as there are multitudinous selections of frames, so too are there of lenses so beware. If you do make a trip to the eye doctor for a new pair of specs, chances are you'll spend quite a bit of time shopping for the right lenses and frame combo.

Once the hassle of selecting the perfect set of frames and lenses is out of the way however, most people find they enjoy the complements received from a well fitted and well selected new set of eyeglasses. While modern technology still affords many the option of going lens free, there is still a large population of consumers that prefer to express themselves wearing glasses.

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