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Google's Project Glass: Soon-to-Be Reality or Hopeful Optimism?

We are very connected to technology and our digital lives in this modern world. Emails can be read and responded to in our cell phones; the internet is always just a click away. But, what if that connection to our digital lives was even stronger? Imagine being able to take a picture or video chat while seamlessly going about everyday life. Google's Project Glass aims to make this a reality. They see a technology driven future where real life meets online life.

Recently they put out a new "Future-Vision" video to showcase their ideas for the future and how they see Project Glass. The video follows a man on a walk across town. He arranges to meet up with a friend (via his glasses of course), walks to the subway (where his glasses inform him the subway is closed), an alternate route is planned and he heads out. Along the way this character of the future snaps a picture of what he sees and seamlessly shares it with his friends via social network and schedules reminders. Finally he meets his friend and video chats with his girl. Google's vision for the future shows a world much like ours; the main difference from our world is the way that technology effortlessly combines the things we already do. The character chats, texts, video chats, makes maps, shares pictures, etc. without ever having to stop and pick up a phone.

Googles Project GlassFuture vision videos like this one are nothing new. Many companies have produced similar type videos over the years. Google's Project Glass video bears a striking similarity to Nokia's 2009 video. "Future-Vision" videos are everywhere; head on over to YouTube and see for yourself. "Future-Vision" videos showcase technologies that often do end up on our shelves and in our homes, although not always by the companies with the vision.

Google has also created a page on Google+ to further highlight their dreams for the future. They hope that this technology will help "[put] you back in the moment". They feel that this technology will allow users to have access to technology when they need it without it encumbering life when it isn't needed.

Will Google's Project Glass one day be our reality? That question remains unanswered, although there have been reports that a rudimentary version of these glasses is already in the prototype stage. Glasses like these could foreseeably hit the market sometime in the next several years. Only time will tell. In the meantime we will just have to enjoy this futuristic video and hope that Google's vision will one day come to pass.

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