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How to Clean Eye Glasses

Cleaning Eye Glasses Eye glasses constantly need cleaning if they are not to impair eyesight with greasy fingerprints, dust, spots and other miscellaneous material that seems to be drawn to glasses. Glasses are sold in a case usually with a polishing cloth for a quick polish during the day but from time to time a more thorough clean is recommended. The are a host of proprietary cleaners, sprays and impregnated wipes now available, which clean eye glasses without leaving a smeary greasy residue, and they ensure the glasses dry to a shine.

There are several methods of cleaning of eye glasses and none are difficult or particularly time-consuming. Make it a part of your routine before bed and you will always start the day with a sparkling pair of glasses to put on.

The Cleaner Method
First rinse your glasses to ensure that any particles do not scratch the glasses.

Use an eyeglass spray or cleaner and with a cloth over either side of the glasses, rub over the glass lens and the frame with the cleaner.

Rinse the glasses again and dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

The Rinse Method
Rinse the lenses under warm running water. Add a spot or two of mild soap, liquid soap or dishwashing liquid to your fingertips and work over the lenses to break up any greasy deposits.

Using circular motions to remove the soap, rinse the glasses under running water.

If the glasses are truly clean there will be very little water left on the lenses. Dry the lenses and frames with a clean soft cloth.

The Dunk Method
Fill a sink with warm soapy water. Dunk the glasses and swish them around. Rinse the glasses under running water. Shake to remove excess water and dry using a soft cloth.

The Electronic Method
Ultrasonic glasses cleaning machines are also available. These work by adding plain water to the container and switching on for just a couple of minutes. Ultrasonic energy waves create extreme vibrations and thousands of tiny bubbles which remove dirt and grease very effectively. Drain the glasses and polish dry. One bonus of this gadget is that it is excellent for cleaning jewelry as well, but be warned - do not put jewelry with precious stones in as the setting is often loosened and the stones drop out!

Cleaning Eye Glasses with Vinegar
Try cleaning your glasses with vinegar from time to time. Just rub a couple of spots of vinegar onto each lens and wipe off with a soft cloth.

The acetic acid in the vinegar dissolves grease, oil from your skin and stuck-on dirt, leaving your glasses streak free and shining.

Vinegar does not discolor the lenses like ammonia-based cleaners, it is environmentally friendly and there are no harsh chemical smells and irritants to contend with.

Tips for Maintaining your Glasses

  • Never place your glasses face down when not in use. This will inevitably lead to the lens being scratched in the center, right where you look through them.

  • When removing your glasses, use both hands to avoid bending and distorting the frame. This is particularly important in the new style glasses which have little or no frames to support them. The strain on the small connecting brackets will eventually break them.

  • When not in use, store and carry your glasses in a hard case for protection. Do not store anything other than a cloth in the case with them.

  • Use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the nose pads if they get dirty and greasy, but avoid scratching the glass with the brush.

  • If the screws on your frameless glasses continually work loose, tighten them and secure the thread with a spot of clear nail polish. This can be dissolved later, if the lenses need replacing, using non-acetone polish remover. This is better than super glue which dries opaque if it gets on the lenses, and can never be dissolved if new lenses are required.

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