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Eyeglasses for Men - Comfort and Durability


Men's Eyeglasses While of course, there are exceptions, men often have different priorities than women when choosing their new eyeglass frames. While many women go for a particular color, shape, trim feature or the latest fashion, men tend to be a little more practical, and factors such as comfort, fit, durability and good value are considered of greater importance.

Comfort and Fit
In a recent study of Americans aged 35-64 by the Vision Council, 88% of respondents said that the comfort and fit of eyeglasses was the most important deciding factor. To ensure long-lasting comfort, men should choose frames that are wide enough for their face, to avoid the arms digging into the sides of their head. The outer edges of the frames should be wider than the face and should extend back to the ears in a straight line, not be curved around the head. The arms or temples of the glasses should also be long enough to curve over the ear without pressing down onto it. Different styles of frames offer many different sizes, so make sure you try on and compare several designs.

Though you may not have noticed before, there is actually a measurement inside each frame to help you compare sizes: three numbers which look something like this: 48-19-140. This is not the style serial number, as many might think, but the size measurements for the frame. The first number represents the size of the lenses, the second number is the bridge size and the third number is the length of the arms or temples. If you find a frame which is too narrow, then choose a style with a larger first number. If the arms are too short, choose a style with a longer third number. A good fit is not as hit-and-miss as it may have appeared!

Most frames have adjustable nose pieces with silicon nose pads for additional comfort. These should feel secure without pinching. When you try on new frames, move your head up and down and bend over to pick something up from the floor. See how well they stay in place. Once the arms and nose pads are correctly adjusted, the eyeglasses should be comfortable and should not slip or slide down the nose.

In the same study, 59% of respondents said the durability of the eyeglasses was important to them. Titanium and stainless steel both provide strong frames whilst looking smart and being fairly lightweight. They are also stronger and more durable than other metals which may be used in the manufacture of modern flames. Flexible materials such as Flexon, which is a titanium-based alloy, allows glasses to be bent, twisted and even crushed but the frames will spring back to their memory shape without any damage. Another great option for durable glasses, especially ones which may be worn during sports, is plastic, which is available in a wide variety of styles and a rainbow of colors and patterns.

Modern Styles
Larger aviator style glasses are back in vogue, and those with double brow bars are the latest trend.

Bigger may be better for some, as bolder sizes and shapes are ‘in.’ But those with a smaller faces should stick with smaller ‘John Lennon’ style frames to avoid looking unbalanced.

Those looking for a modern, minimalist look will be happy with the rimless and semi-rimless styles which are now available. In these designs, the lenses are held together by a simple bridge and a couple of screws. One good tip is to put a dab of clear nail polish on the screws to stop them frequently coming loose. Superglue is not recommended as the lenses can never be changed or adjusted, but clear nail polish can be removed easily with acetone. This style is very lightweight, and if an anti-reflective lens is chosen, they can be almost invisible.

Titanium offers a subtle metallic look without a high sheen. It is very durable, lightweight and will not corrode, making frames both practical and fashionable, but titanium is one of the more expensive options. Aluminum and stainless steel give a similar look and durability with a designer finish but for a lower cost.

Plastic frames can be used to provide lightweight, comfortable frames in many colors, shapes and effects. Bold, black 50s styles and tortoise-shell effects create a unique look which is modern yet still looks masculine and distinguished. The very latest fashion for 2010 is an orange-brown semi-transparent finish or completely clear plastic frames for another fun effect.

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