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Rimless Glasses Problems

Rimless Glasses Problems Glasses are more than just a way to correct vision problems. For many glasses are also a way to display a personal style. Glasses can be used as a fashion accessory. Rimless glasses are one variation of eyeglasses that you may find. Let’s learn more about this glasses style and take a deeper look at the benefits and problems that it possesses.

What Are Rimless Glasses?

Traditionally eyeglasses consist of both a frame and lenses. The edges of glass or plastic lenses are completely surrounded by a metal or plastic frame. This frame is then attached to earpieces so that the glasses can be worn. Rimless glasses vary from traditional glasses in that they do not feature a frame. Instead the glass or plastic lenses are attached directly to an earpiece and the two lenses are attached to each other by a small bridge that goes over the nose. Many people find that rimless frames are more fashionable than traditional eyeglasses. Also since there is not a frame, more of the face can be seen and glasses tend to be less visually apparent.

In addition to rimless glasses you may be able to find semi-rimless frames. These glasses frames surround a portion of the lens with a frame, but the entire edge of the lenses is not covered. For example you may find a pair of glasses that features a frame around the top of the lenses but not the bottom. Semi-rimless glasses provide more style options for those considering rimless frames.

The Origins of Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses might seem like a modern day style trend, but in reality they have existed for many years. In fact the style was first seen in the late 1800s. Since their introduction in 1880 rimless glasses have been a stylish alternative to the traditional glasses frame. Semi-rimless glasses were introduced a little after the rimless style in the 1930s. Generally semi-rimless frames feature a frame around the top portion of the lens. The earliest versions of this style featured a lens that would screw directly into the frame. Modern day versions typically feature a solid top frame with an invisible nylon wire that secures the lens instead of a bottom frame.

What Are the Advantages of Rimless Glasses?

One of the biggest advantages of rimless glasses is the many style options that they bring. Rimless glasses open the possibility for many different lens shapes and sizes. They offer more customization options than a traditional hard frame can offer. Additionally they allow the wearer to have the convenience of glasses without the look of glasses. Many pairs of rimless glasses almost look invisible from many angles.

This style is also very lightweight. This makes rimless glasses more comfortable to wear than other options. This reduces the pressure on the bridge of the nose. Many people with strong prescriptions find that rimless glasses are a great option. Since there is no frame, rimless glasses do not interfere with the visual field at all.

One final advantage of this glasses style is the ability to look fashionable. This style can be very fashionable and sophisticated. Rimless glasses have never completely fallen out of fashion and at times are a highly fashion forward choice.

What Problems Are Associated with Rimless Glasses?

Rimless glasses have many advantages, but are not without a few disadvantages as well. One of the biggest problems associated with this frame style is the cost. Rimless glasses are much more difficult to construct and typically carry a much higher price tag than their traditional counterparts. Since rimless glasses do not have the support of a frame it is very important to select a pair that is well constructed.
These glasses also tend to be more fragile than framed pairs. If you are not careful the lenses may come loose from the earpiece. Repairs can be difficult on rimless frames and they may need to be replaced more often than traditional glasses. Rimless glasses are not an ideal choice to wear when participating in sports.

Rimless glasses provide another option for those that wear eyeglasses. They are a fashionable choice that has been available for many years. While they do have a few disadvantages, you will find the benefits often outweigh the problems, especially for those that like the look of this special frame style. With proper care and maintenance rimless glasses can be a practical and fashionable eyeglasses choice.

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