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Unisex Eyeglasses: Increasingly Popular Today

Unisex Eyeglasses Having clean, clear vision is important, but looking and feeling good is important too. For some, this means wearing contact lenses instead of eyeglasses, but for many people, contacts are not a viable option for one reason or another. Plus some like to have both glasses and contacts, so that they can choose which to wear based on how they feel or their mood of the day.

Fashionable eyeglasses can make a statement, especially for the person who likes to look good from head to toe. After all, no one wants to rock out the latest, hottest fashions and then clunk it up with glasses that are over and done with. You can make your eyeglasses part of your look whether it's with a distinctive, signature frame or a unique tinted lens that pulls double duty as both form and function.

The lines between men's and women's fashion are often blurred many and it's not always necessary to shop in the "girl" or "boy" department. Many of the best and most fashionable frames available now are unisex and are perfect for the trend-setting, fashion forward person of either gender.

The best eyeglasses are a perfect blend of frame and lens and there are several things that the savvy shopper should keep in mind when choosing unisex glasses. Read on for some tips that will help you find just the right frame for you.

Select the right size frames
Unisex frames are same style regardless of who is wearing them; however different sizes will be needed. Your first step for choosing the right frame is to select the right size. Having eye glass frames that are of the wrong size can make your face look smaller than it is, hide your attractive features or cause you pain. The wrong sized frames are also more susceptible to stretching, stress and potential breaks.

Work closely with your eye glass professional to choose the correct frame size for your face and features. If you have small, thinner features then they would probably be overwhelmed by a large, clunky frame. For those with a wider face or more robust facial features, a larger frame may be perfect. Fit should be considered not only from temple to temple, but on the bridge of the nose as well as behind the ears. Remember, fit does not only affect the way that the glasses look and feel, but will have an impact on your vision as well.

Shape of the frame
The next step for the selection of the eyeglasses is the shape of the frame.
  • Unisex frames come in many different shapes including ovals, elongated rectangles, rimless (these can have oval lenses).
  • Modified rectangular frames can take on the appearance of a bowtie or a butterfly and the retro, John Lennon frame is a very popular unisex eyeglass frame style.
  • Just as size of the frame was important to how they look, feel and perform, so also is the shape of the frame. Consider the shape of your face before you make your choice. For those with round faces, avoiding rounded shaped frames and lenses can make the face appear thinner. For those with angular jaw lines and strong faces, a rounder eyeglass frame will soften their appearance considerably. There are exceptions however, because the smaller frame of the John Lennon style retro frame is almost universally flattering.

Selecting color and material
After finding the right size and shape for your unisex eyeglass frames, it will be time to move on to the color and material selection. For many people, the understated elegance of metal is the only way to go, while for others the bolder the better.

If you are a person that only gets new eyeglass frames every two years or so, bold may be a good choice, however it might be a little wiser to be restrained, unless you truly have a signature color. Today's bold frame choice might be the annoying frame for next year.

The color choice that you make should reflect a little bit of your personality; however you should also consider the image that you are sending to others with your bold color choice. Will clients be confident in the lawyer with the loud purple, elongated rectangular eyeglass frames? The color choice that you make may also be limited by the material that you choose as well. For those who prefer a metal material, color choices may be few, while the plastic materials allow almost unlimited color choices.

Bonus tip: You can save a little bit of money on your investment by having your old frames made into new, prescription sunglasses next time you need them.

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