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All Eyes on You: Women's Eyeglass Frames and Lenses that Rock

Women's Eyeglasses Choosing the right eyeglasses can be a very important decision. Some women choose a signature look and stick with it for many, many years. They may end up needing a new prescription as time goes by, but they opt to just switch out their lenses rather than purchase different frames. For other women, changing frames is something that they look forward to doing every few years or so.

Whether you're buying new frames to make a fresh fashion statement or simply need frames that are more appropriate for a new prescription, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when selecting them.

The focus is on your face
Whether you want glasses that are barely noticeable or ones with a more over the top "Hey, look at me!" frame, you have to find the frames that fit your face as well as fit your budget.

The frames that you choose should be comfortable to wear as well as attractive. Make sure that you take the time that you need to really try on and compare the frames to decide what will work best for you. Never just grab a frame off the rack and be done with it - you will be miserable until it is time to move on.

Your eyeglass frames are more than just a medical device. Sure they help you to see better, but they also can make you look better. If you choose them carefully, your eyeglass frames can be as cosmetic in nature as your makeup, while still fulfilling the need they were designed for. Make sure that you know what will work for your own face shape, your hair and eye color and what frames are best for your personal prescription.

Shape it up, girls
Another important consideration is the shape of your eyewear. For example, a rounded face is best balanced with a rectangular frame. Remember, for most face shapes, you do not want to grab a frame with a matching shape. Round plus round may end up making you look like a pale pumpkin, which is probably not the look you're going for unless it's Halloween and orange happens to be your favorite color.

Women with strong features should avoid extremes in their frame choices, especially when it comes to shape - an angular face will only look sharper if there is a strongly defined shape to the eye glass frame as well. Square faces should opt for a softer shape to soften their own lines.

Eyeglass frames come in virtually every shape that you can think of - round, oval, rectangular and others including hearts, teardrops and butterfly.

Size does matter
Everyone knows a least one woman who insists on wearing those itty bitty metal frames that look like they were stolen off a teddy bear. Some styles that look cute on the shelf, and on certain dainty faced celebrities, may not work as well on you. Your eyeglasses should enhance your face, not detract from or hide it. If your glasses are perched on your nose like a small sparrow about to take flight, or worse, your oversized frames make you look like an old hoot owl, they are the wrong size for your face.

Living in a material world
Once upon a time, you could only buy frames that were metal or made of a brittle plastic material, and that was it as far as your choices went. There are far more choices now! Some of the metals are much stronger than ever before, resulting in a much lighter frame. Anodized titanium for instance can give one of the thinnest frames that are strong and still very light.

If you prefer plastics, today's choices are a lot more durable than past options. Many frames for sports and children are made of plastic, for example, and are designed to be virtually indestructible.

The frames that you choose will also have to work with the prescription lenses that they will hold. If you have a very strong prescription, this may require thicker lenses, limiting your frame choices. You will still have a very wide range to choose from, but you might have to steer clear of certain styles, like rimless frames.

What's in a name?
If designer labels are important to you at all, then make sure you are aware of the best in the eyeglass field. There are lenses that carry the names of many of your favorite celebrities as well, including Jennifer Lopez and others. Some of the hottest frames include those by designers like Apple Bottom (yeah, baby, just like the jeans!), LuLu Guinness, OGI Eyewear, Balenciaga, Cinzia, D&G, Laura Ashley and Phoebe Couture.

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