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Massage Techniques for Eye and Muscle Twitches

Massage Techniques for Eye and Muscle Twitches In most cases eye and muscle twitches are completely harmless. However, this doesn’t make them any less irritating. Botox has been shown to offer relief if injected at the site of an eye twitch, but this is typically only used in chronic cases. Luckily there is a natural and simple method that can offer relief to those that are suffering from eye and muscle twitches. The next time that you get an eye twitch, you should try massage. In many cases it is very effective in relieving eye and muscle twitching.

What is Eye Twitching?

Eye twitching is when the muscles surrounding the eye or eyelids start to have involuntary spasms. The spasms typically last for a minute or two and then go away. They can continue to recur randomly for a period of a couple of days or even a few weeks. In most cases the eye spasms or twitching will resolve themselves and go away on their own. Generally eye twitching is harmless and shouldn’t cause any interference with your regular life, although it can be very irritating.

Eye twitching isn’t generally indicative of a medical problem, but it can be brought on due to many common causes. Stress, fatigue, consuming too much caffeine, your genetics, a lack of sleep and even eye strain can contribute to eye twitching. It can also be caused by a magnesium deficiency or as a side effect to various medications. Chronic eye twitching is much less common and has been seen in patients with Tourette’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis or hemifacial spasms.

Massage and the Eye

Massage can be very beneficial to many areas of the body including the eye. It has been shown to increase circulation and stimulate muscles. When used properly it can offer temporary relief from eye twitching in many cases and can help strengthen and tone the muscles that surround and support the eye. Of course the eye area is very sensitive and it is important to be careful when massaging the eye to avoid damaging the eye tissue and the delicate skin surrounding the eye.

It is also important to thoroughly clean your hands before touching your eye area. Germs and bacteria can easily enter the body from the eye. Clean hands will help you to receive the benefits of massage without exposing yourself unnecessarily to potential illness.

Massaging the eye requires the use of special techniques since it is impossible to massage your eyes in the same manner that you massage the rest of your body. There are many effective techniques that you can use, but here are a few to get your started.

Palm Rub

One of the simplest and most effective eye massage techniques is quite similar to rubbing your eyes. Simply place the heel of your hand over the eye, apply gentle pressure and then slowly twist the hand back and forth. This should be performed on both eyes, one eye at a time.

Resistance Training

Your eye can benefit from resistance training just as the rest of your body can. This technique uses a finger to provide a small amount of resistance to your eye. Close your eye and then place your index finger on the side of the eye closest to the side of your face. Then move your eyeball to the side as well.

Finger Eye Massage

This massage technique needs to be performed with a very gentle hand. It works very quickly, so it is probably best to limit your use of this technique to 30 seconds or less per eye. This massage uses the thumb and index finger to massage the eyelid. Place one finger on the top eyelid and the other on the bottom. Then slowly massage the area. As you massage you will feel your eyeball beneath the eyelid.

Upward Edge of Eye Rub

This massage is performed using two fingers. Generally the index and middle finger work well. Place each finger on opposite sides of one eye and then slowly move the fingers in an upward motion. This type of massage needs very little pressure. In fact just having your fingers placed on the skin should be pressure enough.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

When exercising and massaging the eye it is important to remember that a little massage goes a long way. Each of these techniques should be completed in a minute or two, or much less. Often a couple of repetitions is sufficient. Always be gentle and remember that you should not feel any pain when completing these techniques. Once you have finished it is a good idea to cleanse the eye area. Some find that an eye bath is a great way to end an eye massage. These relaxation techniques will help to relieve tension and stress in your eye muscles and to strengthen them as well. This can help to reduce the symptoms of an eye twitch and can provide comfort during times of eye twitching and spasms as well.

It is always a good idea to consult with your eye doctor to discuss your options.

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