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How to Choose a Good LASIK Surgeon

Choosing a Lasik Surgeon Selecting A LASIK Surgeon Is Easy
When it comes to your eyes, you deserve the best. It is important you select a good LASIK surgeon if considering LASIK vision correction surgery. While LASIK surgery is not a complicated form of surgery, when done improperly the outcome can impact your life in a negative way forever.

Poor outcomes resulting from LASIK surgery can include worsening vision or even blindness. Most people don't want to take this risk, so it is important you take steps to ensure you find a competent doctor to perform your surgery.

Tips for Finding A Competent LASIK Surgeon
There are several suggestions you can adopt to ensure you work with a competent physician. Here are just a few ways to find qualified doctors to perform your LASIK surgery:

  • Check out local advertisements and medical centers. Many advertise in local papers and some ads contain a lot of information about the surgeon's skills and experience. If not, use these ads as a starting point for locating doctors.
  • Interview the surgeons you locate through advertisements. Don't assume that just because someone takes out a big ad they are a competent surgeon. Take some time to interview them by going in for a consultation. Find out what their credentials are, how many people they have operated on and whether they are willing to provide references.
  • Make sure you check out your surgeon's references. Most competent doctors will gladly provide you with references.
  • Consider working with a surgeon who works in an academic medical center. Because these centers are teaching centers, most surgeons are highly skilled and well versed in up to date technology.
  • Don't base your decision on price alone. Going with the cheapest surgeon is not the way to ensure the best outcome. If you have problems financing your surgery, find out whether the surgery center offers financing or payment alternatives rather than working with a fly by night center that offers you a coupon discount.
  • Get a referral from friends or family members if you can that have had the procedure done by a competent professional. If this is not possible, ask a trusted optician or eye care professional for a referral to a good LASIK surgeon.
You can also visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology's website for more information about finding a qualified eye care professional. They provide a full listing of refractive surgeons you can review simply by visiting http://www.aao.org

Helpful Advice for LASIK Consumers
Once you find some LASIK surgeons to interview, you should prepare a list of questions. The first meeting is often the most important because you will learn not only of their credentials and experience but also what the LASIK procedure entails and how it will affect you.

Here are a just a few questions you may consider asking your LASIK surgeon during your preliminary consultation:

  • How many LASIK refractive surgery procedures have they done in the last three years and what were the outcomes?
  • What type of equipment will they be using?
  • What percentage of their patients have vision that is 20/40 or better after surgery?
  • What are the names of patients they have successfully treated you can call for a referral?
  • Has their license ever been suspended or revoked?
A qualified professional will provide the following credentials:
  • Will have treated at least 500 patients with LASIK.
  • Will have worked for at least three years performing refractive surgery.
  • Will have performed the exact type of procedure he or she plans to use on you at least 100 times or more.
  • Will report roughly 50% achieving 20/20 vision or better after surgery and be able to document or provide factual support for this figure.
  • Will have current malpractice insurance.
  • Will provide many references both good and bad for you to contact.
If you have difficulty asking your doctor any questions or concerns about your doctor, bring someone with you for moral support. You don't want to compromise your eye health by selecting an unfit surgeon!

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