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Custom Cornea Wavefront Technology

Custom Cornea Custom Cornea Technology Changes The Eye Care Industry
If you or someone you know suffers from poor vision, you have reason to feel excited. A new laser surgery procedure is dramatically improving the results of traditional LASIK surgery, enabling surgeons to customize their procedures and deliver precision results every time they operate!

The latest in laser surgery is a procedure known as custom cornea wavefront technology. This new technology allows LASIK surgeons to customs clients laser eye surgery to meet their individual needs. This new technology offers better outcomes than traditional LASIK procedures because it allows surgeons to customize their techniques based on an individual patient's corneal shape and vision problems.

Custom Cornea Technology a Three Step Process
Custom Cornea surgery typically involves multiple stages. The most important of these includes plotting out a "map" of your eye's surface to provide surgeons with an exact analysis of what surgery should focus on correcting. During the first stage of the custom cornea surgery process, a surgeon will use a system allowing "wavefront mapping" to plot out any aberrations evident within your eye's surface.

This unique technology provides the surgeon with a detailed map or analysis of the individual problems and distortions evident in your eye. Wavefront mapping provides your surgeon a mini map of your eye, including any visual aberrations that may exist. This system or form of testing can help doctors pinpoint various problems including astigmatism and farsightedness. Wavefront mapping can help surgeons eliminate problems including:

  • Glare
  • Halos
  • Double Vision
  • Ghosting
  • Farsightedness
  • Nearsightedness
  • Astigmatism
Researchers developed wavefront technology as a method for reducing visual distortions. Initially astronomers used this technology to help eliminate distortions realized when viewing objects in space. Now this technology is being incorporated into LASIK technology to provide eye surgeons a custom method of mapping the visual distortions present in the eye.

A surgeon can literally plot out lower and high order aberrations within the eye.

Why Consider Custom Surgery?
Custom surgery is more likely than traditional procedures to improve the acuity and sharpness of your vision. Doctors can use custom cornea technology to help reshape the inner corneal tissue more exactly.

Remember, your surgeon will be working with an individualized wavefront map of your inner and outer eye. This reduces the likelihood for error and increases the precision associated with surgery. It also ensures a surgeon is using an eye surgery treatment that exactly matches your unique needs, based on your customized wavefront map.

Studies suggest this new technology is useful for treating higher and lower order aberrations and delivers results that are much better than traditional LASIK surgery. Keep in mind that custom surgery is likely to cost more than traditional LASIK surgery.

Most candidates however, are willing to accept the price they have to pay for near perfect vision. The results of custom surgery much like traditional LASIK are considered semi or permanent in most cases. That means you may never have to wear glasses or contacts again!

Who Is A Candidate?
Anyone who is a candidate for LASIK surgery is a likely candidate for custom cornea wavefront mapping and precision laser surgery. Keep in mind that custom surgery carries with it many of the same risks as ordinary LASIK surgery.

Surgery is surgery. Be sure you weigh the potential benefits of surgery with the potential risks before deciding on the procedure that will best suit your needs and preferences. By and large most patients will find they are extremely happy with the results of their custom LASIK procedure.

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