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Your Sun Glasses And Your Personality

Bug Eye Sunglasses I remember my first pair of sunglasses. They were huge... really they looked like clown glasses. The lenses were oversize, far larger than my smallish face. Interestingly enough, large frames are now all the rage between hip and happening urban citizens.

When I bought my first pair of sunglasses, my goals included accentuating my personality. To that effect I wanted them to be big, bold and outrageous. I picked out just the right pair. Today my sunglasses, while not as big, are still bright orange and bold. When selecting sunglasses, keep in mind much like your regular spectacles, your sunglasses often reflect your style, preferences and personality!

Popular Sunglasses Among Celebrities
You've seen the big, bug eye glasses that fashion celebrities and eye cons like Paris Hilton and sidekick Nicole Ritchie are fans of. Realistically speaking, "bug eye" glasses have been around for ages. In fact. Elvis Presley is among the early celebrities to popularize these large frame "goggle" style sunglasses. If you hang out in Italy for example these shades seem to be in. Who knows whats next...

Other celebrity starlets who have enjoyed oversize sunglasses include Jackie Onassis, who routinely donned larger than life peepers to shield her from the paparazzi and help define her image.

Other shapes that remain popular include retro style shades including cat's eye glasses, popular among Grace Kelly and starlets of the mid 1950s. Today these styles are still popular among celebrities walking the walk at Sundance and related special events.

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Modern Trends in Eyewear
Where does your fashion sense fit in with today's modern trends? Today the possibilities are endless when it comes to your sunglasses. You can buy a $20 pair of sunglasses or a $400 pair of sunglasses. There are sunglasses that are "streetwise" making you look great during the day and those that are better accessories in the early evening. Many prefer super lightweight frames and wraparounds, which provide comprehensive coverage particularly among sporting fans or those than need comprehensive sun protection.

Yet another popular style sunglasses these days include spectacle or prescription style sunglasses. These styles model ordinary prescription lenses you might wear while driving or reading. Some have referred to this style of glasses as "bennies" made popular by Benjamin Franklin.

Rimless shades are yet another cool and innovative variety popular among celebrity start and starlet. These glasses are ideal for those that need a super lightweight pair of glasses that are not bulky and help frame and complement the face rather than obscure one's delicate features.

No matter what style of sunglasses you buy, it is important you select a frame that matches your personality and preferences. Here is a short compilation of some of the more popular styles not mentioned above that you can select from:

  • Aviator - These sunglasses are larger than life, often consisting of a simple wire frame and large lenses. You can buy them with UV protection and with polarization.
  • Bi-focal - These sunglasses are meant to provide prescription magnifying assistance for those requiring a little extra help while reading.
  • Novelty - Novelty sunglasses are for fun only. Most offer little help with respect to protecting your eyes from the sun, but they do make a great accessory to a fun outfit or when attending a party.
  • Vintage - Vintage glasses, like many described above, are a favorite among celebrities. Whether you select cat-eye style glasses or an old fashioned pair resembling Jackie O's, these glasses are bound to look great on just about anyone.
  • Sport - Sport sunglasses are increasingly popular among those leading an active lifestyle. Be sure you review the features sport glasses offer. Many include water-resistant lenses ideal for those engaging in water sports. Still others are lightweight and durable just in case you have a habit of dropping them while rock climbing or skiing. Popular brands in this category include Oakley sunglasses.
Selecting The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses
Here are some tips for selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses:
  • Pick a pair that matches your personality.
  • Consider your face shape. You should look for frames that contrast your natural face shape.
  • Select smaller glasses if you have smaller features and larger glasses for larger features.
  • Choose colors that will brighten and complement your skin tone.
Last but not least, always consider glasses made of durable materials including glass, plastic or polycarbonate blends.

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