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Sunglasses for Sports Performance

Wear Sunglasses to Improve Sports Performance No matter what your sport, you want to be able to see clearly while you are doing it. From mountain biking to rock climbing to golf, you want to have crisp, clear vision and protect your eyes from harm at the same time.

There are a number of designs and styles of performance sunglasses to choose from, with many specifically created for each sport. There are many safety features available and special tints for the lenses that can help enhance your performance as well. There is even a solution for those of you who play many, many sports with equal fervor.

What makes sport eyewear sports worthy?
Any eyewear can be sporty as in “Hey what a sporty pair of specs you're wearing, Fred,” but to be truly sports worthy at every level, eye wear must:

  • Give the best vision under potentially extreme conditions
  • Be lightweight yet durable
  • Be made with flexible and forgiving materials
  • Be made with non-slip components that won’t slip off the face during sweaty, heated confrontations
  • Have the best tint color for the sport or condition they are being used in
  • Offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays as well as wind, dust and other debris

Different lenses for different sports and activities
The color of your lenses will depend on the activity, the lighting conditions and what you need to enhance or block out. All lenses, regardless of color should offer full protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Lens choices include:
  • Yellow, gold or amber tint: filter out blue light, prevent glare and haze in bright light situations, allow for high contrast between light and shadow
  • Rose tint: for low light, cloudy, gray days
  • Dark tints including dark grays, greens and browns: for very bright light situations
  • Gray tint: reduces brightness while preserving real world color
  • Polarized lenses (any color) reduce the glare of light reflecting back from surfaces such as water or snow (Use great caution when choosing these for skiing as they can make it more difficult to see and avoid icy patches on the trail).

In addition to colors, there is a wide range of lens types made from various materials to choose from. Glass lenses do give the best optical quality but are much more likely to shatter during impact especially in contact sports. Polycarbonate lenses are a far safer choice and offer high impact resistance and other features. These are super strong lenses but they are also very lightweight making them both durable and comfortable to wear, even during intense sporting activities. Scratch resistant coating is a must for sports eyewear, as your lenses will inevitably take some abuse during play.

One pair of frames for multiple sports
So, you play basketball, hockey, football, baseball and would join a rec league hopscotch team if only you could find the right competitive field. That kind of athletic zeal requires the best in vision correction as well as a number of different types of eyewear. One of the best options for someone who is possibly skiing today but golfing tomorrow is a single frame with interchangeable lenses that can be popped and swapped for the right color tint for the specific activity you are heading out for. Keep in mind however, that certain activities may require specific frames, so this option is not available for everyone and every sport.

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