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Useful Eye Resources On The Web

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Most of us only get one pair of peepers to last us a lifetime. With annual eye exams most of us can expect to see well as we age. However, vision loss is not always preventable and often devastating for those it affects when it occurs. For that reason it is important you protect your health and well-being and your vision in the short and long-term.

As we age our eyesight tends to degenerate, regardless of how well we care for our vision and bodies. Fortunately there are ever increasing advances in ophthalmology that are helping promote better vision for aging populations. In fact, many people can now expect to see with little vision loss well into their 80s and 90s. Advances in technology have provided unique services like LASIK, to help promote better vision for patients young and old alike.

If you are interested in protecting your eyesight or learning more about the common causes of various diseases of the eye, there are multiple resources available on the web that can provide you with useful, free and informative information.

Below you'll find information and links to several different sites providing information on eye care and recent trends and development in the eye care industry. Some of the sites are targeted toward consumers only, while others provide details for eye care practitioners as well as patients.

Atlas of Ophthalmology
An interesting online database with information and pictures of various eye diseases including conjuctiva, glaucomas, cataracts and more. If you want to actually "see" what eye diseases look like this is the place to visit.

Digital Journal of Ophthalmology
Digital journal containing information for patients and physicians about eye care and eye health.

Eye Care Foundation
A non-profit organization offering information and resources for patients with macular degeneration and related eye diseases.

Medline Plus
Detailed and comprehensive resource provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health providing information about eye diseases, conditions, injuries and more. Provides links to dozens of helpful articles and updates regarding the latest trends in eye care. You can also access health information about a host of other conditions not related to the eye on this site.

Provides comprehensive information and links to various resources on ophthalmology related subjects. You'll also find information on related topics and health related subjects. This is a good site to visit if you are looking for health information in general as well as information about eye care and diseases of the eye.

Sight and Hearing Association
http://www.sightandhearing.org/ Organization dedicated to preventing the loss of vision and hearing through education and research. Provides free information about vision and hearing related subjects.

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